QR Media is proud to offer specialist QR Code services to New Zealand businesses.

QR Media offers a range of expert QR Code services including QR Code creation, generation and customisation, QR Code campaign management, and QR Code reporting and analytics.

Let us help you to integrate QR Codes into your traditional marketing campaigns!

QR Code ServicesQR Media Sample Code

QR Media offers a range of specialist QR Code services.

Benefits of QR CodesSecond QR Code Sample

  • Connect consumers to your business
  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Deliver targeted information
  • Enhance visual branding
  • Engage smartphone and tablet users on the move
  • Easy to use and cost effective!

Making QR Codes work for youDesigner QR Codes

  • Connect to your webpage
  • Link to social media networks
  • Product packaging
  • SMS opt-in campaigns
  • Promote events, specials and digital coupons
  • Launch YouTube videos on consumers’ phones
  • Direct customers to your store, restaurant or office


QR Media has helped numerous businesses, both small and large, to kick start their QR Code marketing campaigns. We can create a unique QR Code to suit your brand!

QR Codes are cost effective and very easy to use. Engage more customers today by integrating QR Codes into your advertising.

Our online software, the QR Media Tracker, is able to generate, manage and track all your QR Codes. Simply sign up online, create your first QR Code and track it’s progress!

The QR Media TrackerQR Codes for Facebook

  • Create and generate QR Codes
  • Customise colours and insert your logo
  • Track QR Code scans
  • Manage QR Code advertising
  • Access detailed analytics and reporting
  • Simple month to month subscription

Complete the marketing cycle by generating your first custom QR Code online.